Outpost 311

Welcome to Outpost 311, an AllEarth Corp, state- of-the- art refuelling post and service provider to the asteroid belt mining fields.

Sleek, shiny and built with state of the art technology, your visit will be a thrill you’ll never forget. Don’t forget to spread the word.

AllEarth Corp is a multi-solar system corporation, which is highly diversified and has interests in many sectors of the economies in the settled worlds. Please see our main information codex for more detail.

AllEarth Corp wishes you an efficient, effective transfer of your fuel and supplies.


Outpost 311 was the first mining operation set up within the asteroid belt, and is known as the forerunner of the current rush of mining ventures exploiting the asteroid belt’s natural abundance of rare elements and minerals. The asteroid, which accommodates the refuelling post, has some remaining mineral deposits, however, as other metal-rich asteroids provided more abundant and more economically exploitable resources the outpost was abandoned 2039.

Since the mid-2040s the outpost has provided an ideal location for providing services for prospecting and mining operations operating in the belt or those passing through to the outer edges of the solar system. As well as being the ideal stop over for Jupiter and Saturn orbiting space stations, the outpost’s unique environment will provide the necessary stimulation and comfort to continue your journey.

With regular updates and rebroadcasting facilities, you are able to keep up-to-date with events on Earth and the new colonies. Keep in touch with your business, family or friends anywhere in the solar system simply and easily using AllEarth Corp’s extensive broadcast and closed signal communications network.


Outpost 311 is built within an asteroid using the existing complex of mine shafts to house its construction. This means that Outpost 311 is able to provide .3 earth gravity as the outpost is within a spinning asteroid.

Because of its bunker-like construction, Outpost 311 provides security and protection. You will feel safe from unlawful raiders (space pirates) due to the hyper-secure layout and design. Cosmic rays are also deflected by the dense rock of the asteroid.

At approximately 24 kilometres in diameter, the asteroid is silicate-based with originally 47 per cent iron ore. Since the completion of mining at the site, the remaining iron ore is around 10 per cent. Outpost 311 covers approximately 1200 metres square, with some tunnel access via EVA suit only.

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