How dare my mother get a sex life!


Ewww! My mother has a boyfriend. That’s like yuck. She’s old. Old people shouldn’t, you know, do that kind of thing. What about me? I’m the person who is most important in her life, except for Essa. How could she do this to me? Just because I’m grown up and don’t want her money doesn’t mean she should date…at her age…I need a box of chocolates…maybe three.

Opi Battles the Space Pirates.

Ms Opeia Gayens, head of AllEarth Corp, has a problem—her company is rotten with Space Pirates. She wants to get rid of them once and for all. An unexpected invitation to dinner challenges her plans to be the bait that will draw the nasty pirates out. It’s been forever since she’s been on a date—just been Opi. Somehow, Owain McDevitt, mild-mannered, potato farmer from the planet Islay 2 is drawn into the intrigue. Yet, no one is who they seem, least of all Owain McDevitt.

Betrayal after betrayal threatens Opi’s existence and she must discover who the traitor really is before she can find her true path to happiness.


Who would have believed my mother was so badass!


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