The modern age

Being stuck out here on this miserable excuse for a rock, I don’t get much chance to communicate. But now there is this thing called Twitter and Facebook and I thought it would alleviate the boredom to play around with these things. Too bad I don’t know anyone but Gris and scummy space pirates. I wonder if @Curry_Eater is really a space pirate name. It sounds like one.

Today was my birthday and Gris found a packet of jerky to go with our beans and hard tack. It was a bit chewy and salty but it was nice of Gris to share it with me. He was so sweet about it I had to wipe tears from my eyes. Silly old oaf he is.

We’re expecting a lone space pirate in a few days. I’d better go. We have more corridors to scrap so we can exchange the  metal for food.

Geez what’s that smell. Oh no! The rotten reclamation unit has gone again. Sorry, gotta go.  I have to clean some pooh out of the airlock.




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